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Final Series

Congratulations to all of our Teams that have made Finals this year.

This weekends Finals Fixtures are as follows. Let all get out and support our teams.

FinalDateTimeGround TeamGradeTeam
Minor Semi16/08/1409:00TOU2Harry Moore Oval 2WOYM15CBER
Minor Semi16/08/1412:30WYG2Baker Park 2BERM45AWMG
Grand Final16/08/1413:00WGA2Hamlyn Terrace 2WYGM35FNBER
Grand Final16/08/1413:15PLUIM 3BPluim Park 3BBERU11BDOY
Major Semi16/08/1414:30KIN2Frost Reserve 2BERU14CMTN
Minor Semi16/08/1419:00PLUIM1Pluim Park 1BERMPLFIRSTKDS
Final17/08/1409:00OUR1Ourimbah Oval 1GWAMAA6BER
Minor Semi17/08/1409:15KIN2Frost Reserve 2BERW16AGWA
Final17/08/1410:45OUR2Ourimbah Oval 2BERMAA9EGO
Final17/08/1411:00OUR1Ourimbah Oval 1BERMAA5TER
Major Semi17/08/1412:00PLUIM1Pluim Park 1BUDMPLTHIRDBER
Final17/08/1413:00MTN1Bloodtree Oval 1GOSWAA3BER
Major Semi17/08/1413:30PLUIM3Pluim Park 3KANMAA1BER
Major Semi17/08/1414:00PLUIM1Pluim Park 1BERMPLRESOUR

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Grade 15 Team Page

15 B

Coach:Kevin Goldsworthy
Email: Click here
Phone: 0418468652

Manager:Rod Hellams
Email:Click here
Phone: 0412727865