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This weekends Finals are as follows. Lets get out and support our teams.

DateDOWStartField AG/Div Home Team Away TeamPubl. Field
23/08/2014Sat12:00PLUIM3 M15/M15C M15C Gosford M15C BerkeleyPLUIM3
23/08/2014Sat14:00KDS1 M45/M45A M45A Killarney M45A BerkeleyKDS1
23/08/2014Sat18:00PLUIM1 MPL/First MPLFIRST Berkeley MPLFIRST KillarneyPLUIM1
24/08/2014Sun9:00OUR1 MAA/MAA6 MAA6 Gwandalan MAA6 BerkeleyOUR1
24/08/2014Sun9:15KIN2 W16/W16A W16A Berkeley W16A GwandalanKIN2
24/08/2014Sun10:45OUR2 MAA/MAA9 MAA9 Berkeley MAA9 East GosfordOUR2
24/08/2014Sun11:00OUR1 MAA/MAA5 MAA5 Berkeley MAA5 TerrigalOUR1
24/08/2014Sun12:00PLUIM1 MPL/Third MPLTHIRD Budgewoi MPLTHIRD BerkeleyPLUIM1
24/08/2014Sun13:00MTN1 WAA/WAA3 WAA3 Gosford WAA3 BerkeleyMTN1
24/08/2014Sun13:30PLUIM3 MAA/MAA1 MAA1 Kanwal MAA1 BerkeleyPLUIM3
24/08/2014Sun14:00PLUIM1 MPL/Reserve MPLRES Berkeley MPLRES OurimbahPLUIM1
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Monday 30th June 2014 6.30pm

Mingara Recreation Club (downstairs) 6.30pm

We welcome all members over the age of 18 to attend our committee meetings.
Members are registered players, parents and legal spouses/partners of players

We actively encourage more people to become involved on the committee.
Especially Junior parents. Please consider helping out your club, having some fun and making a difference.

If anyone would like further information about the committee positions vacant please contact us or come along to the committee meeting.