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Finals Fixtures for this Weekend as follows. Let get out and support our teams

DateDayTimeAG/Div Publ. DateField
30/08/2014Sat14:00PLUIM2U14C BerkeleyU14C MountainsPLUIM2
30/08/2014Sat15:00PLUIM1MPLTHIRD BerkeleyMPLTHIRD The EntrancePLUIM1
30/08/2014Sat17:00PLUIM1MPLRES BerkeleyMPLRES KillarneyPLUIM1
30/08/2014Sat19:00PLUIM1MPLFIRST WyomingMPLFIRST BerkeleyPLUIM1
31/08/2014Sun8:00KIN3W14A WoongarrahW14A BerkeleyKIN3
31/08/2014Sun9:00KIN1MAA6 East GosfordMAA6 BerkeleyKIN1
31/08/2014Sun9:30PLUIM2W16A KincumberW16A BerkeleyPLUIM2
31/08/2014Sun11:00KIN2MAA9 KanwalMAA9 BerkeleyKIN2
31/08/2014Sun13:00KIN2MAA8 BerkeleyMAA8 KillarneyKIN2
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Berkeley Vale Soccer Club Merchandise and Gear 2012

We will have merchandise stalls throughout the year and merchandise will be available at rego days.

Socks and Shorts

Wombat Socks All Sizes - $ 12.00

Shorts Size M to XXL - $ 22.00

Shorts Sizes 24 to Small - $ 20.00

Please note "Special" Registration Packs will be available for Shorts and Socks on Registration weekends only.

For all other Merchandise please click here for Prices and Photo's