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Finals Fixtures for this Weekend as follows. Let get out and support our teams

DateDayTimeAG/Div Publ. DateField
30/08/2014Sat14:00PLUIM2U14C BerkeleyU14C MountainsPLUIM2
30/08/2014Sat15:00PLUIM1MPLTHIRD BerkeleyMPLTHIRD The EntrancePLUIM1
30/08/2014Sat17:00PLUIM1MPLRES BerkeleyMPLRES KillarneyPLUIM1
30/08/2014Sat19:00PLUIM1MPLFIRST WyomingMPLFIRST BerkeleyPLUIM1
31/08/2014Sun8:00KIN3W14A WoongarrahW14A BerkeleyKIN3
31/08/2014Sun9:00KIN1MAA6 East GosfordMAA6 BerkeleyKIN1
31/08/2014Sun9:30PLUIM2W16A KincumberW16A BerkeleyPLUIM2
31/08/2014Sun11:00KIN2MAA9 KanwalMAA9 BerkeleyKIN2
31/08/2014Sun13:00KIN2MAA8 BerkeleyMAA8 KillarneyKIN2
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Wombats in Cambodia


Last year Keryn Walsh visited Cambodia and took a lot of old Berkeley Vale Gear to make a donation to orphans over there. Great job Keryn and how good is it so see Wombats in Cambodia.