Berkeley Vale is a local family soccer club which was formed in 1974 at Kurraba Pde. Our club colours are Blue, Black and White and our club mascot is the mighty Wombat.

The club has teams playing in the Men’s Premier League, Men’s All Age, Men’s Over 35’s, Over 45’s and All Age Women’s teams.

Our Junior club has teams from Under 5’s through to Under 18’s as well as a number of girls teams from Under 12’s, Under 14’s, Under 16’s and Under 18’s.

Our club also runs the Berkeley Vale X-men which is in its fourth year running. This is a special needs program for kids aged 5 to 16 years old. The program teaches grassroots football and teamwork in a fun environment.

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Club History

In early 1973 members of the Berkeley Vale Community were asked to attend a meeting at a rough paddock in Berkeley Vale covered with tea trees, to have a BBQ and consider the formation of a soccer club for the children in the district. The paddock now known as Kurruba Oval was attended by an overwhelming number of residents and they wholeheartedly supported the formation of a soccer club in the area. The meeting managed to canvas together team members and also managed to have approximately 40 children apply for positions in teams.

Brian Hatfield, borrowed a dozer and removed a lot of the scrub from Kurruba Oval and with the help of other volunteer labourers, too numerous to mention, made the area into a playable ground.

At this time Central Coast Soccer Association was approached about the clubs admission and after a few setbacks the club was admitted into the competition proper the following season (1974).

The Colours for the team were and still are sky blue and black. Funding for the club started with four donations, three of $30 and one of $10, which were all classed as loans and were repaid to the donors within the first 12 months.

The club, thanks to council support, supplied two full size playing fields which were also flood-lit for night playing. The club strength now consisted of 14 boy teams, 2 all age mens teams and an U16s girls side plus an all age womens team.

For the first 3 years the canteen was a tent and a port-gas burner that was supplied by the Cullen brothers. Since then a modern canteen and other amenities were built thanks to hard work from club volunteers & council.

Most of this information was supplied by one of the original members of the soccer club and life member, Mr Lenny Lean.

Over the years many club records have been lost so we are seeking contributions from former players and committee members who may be able to help us piece together the history of the club.

If you have anything to add we’d love to hear from you. Please inform us of any information you may have. If you have photo’s or newspaper articles etc, we would love to borrow and copy them and we will make sure that they are returned safely.

Life Members
Lenny Lean
June Hatfield
Stephen Reed
Michael Sweeney
Paul Hatfield
Wayne Mills*
John Case
Eddie Eggleton*
Shane Mitchell*
John Taylor
David Perry
Paul Barrie
Jill Bunton*
Tom Hole
Glen Woodger
Colin Foster
Matthew Pannell
Billy Callary
Jeff Graham
Michael Folland
Donna Kennedy
Tyler Burnes
David Graham
Brad Perry
Kurt Briggs


30 Year Service Awards
Billy Callary

Matthew Pannell

20 Year Service Awards
Stephen Fuller

Matthew Pannell

Robert Goldie
David Graham
Troy Mumford
Tyler Burnes
Warrick Piefke
Mitchell Pont
Jeff Graham
Kurt Briggs
Chris Goddard
Jeremy McDowell
Brad Perry
Steven Grimmitt
Mitchell Duffy
Daley Martin
Zeke Marshall

Club Patron

Bob Graham